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ECC Consultation, Operational and Advisory Committees

The decision-making process at El Camino College is grounded in respect for the roles and scope of authority of each of the college’s constituencies.  Groups that contribute recommendations to the decision-making processes are organized into three categories:  consultation, advisory, and operational committees.
Collegial Consultation Committees
Consultation committees provide input into College initiatives, policies and procedures when appropriate.  Recommendations developed in collegial consultation committees emerge from discussion and input from all major college constituencies.
Links to El Camino College Collegial Consultation Committees:
Academic Senate        
Calendar Committee
College Council 
ECC Technology Committee
Facilities Steering Committee
Planning and Budgeting Committee
Links to El Camino College Collegial Consultation Documents:
Making Decisions at El Camino College
Board Policy 2510 (Participation in Local Decision Making)
Administrative Procedure 2510 (Collegial Consultation)
2015 Consultation Survey Results
April 3, 2012 Collegial Consultation Presentation by the Community College League of California and the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges:
Video Part 1
Video Part 2
Links to additional Collegial Consultation Documents/Publications:
Area and Division Councils 
There are four Area Councils and their respective Division Councils which coordinate and fulfill operational, procedural and policy implementation at the college.  The purpose of these committees is to provide an opportunity for faculty, staff, students, and managers to share information and to identify issues that require resolution.
Links to Area Councils:
Academic Affairs                                        
Administrative Services
Human Resources                                       
Student and Community Advancement
Links to Division Councils:
Behavioral and Social Sciences                
Campus Police Services                             
Community Advancement
Fine Arts                                                       
Health Sciences and Athletics
Industry and Technology
Information Technology Services            
Library Learning Resources
Mathematical Sciences                              
Natural Sciences
Purchasing and Business Services
Student Support Services
Advisory Committees 
Advisory committees perform specific functions that benefit the college community or respond to issues of importance to college constituencies.  Recommendations from these committees are made to the appropriate manager and, when applicable, brought to Cabinet by the area Vice President for consideration.  Periodically, task forces or ad hoc committees are formed to address specific issues needing immediate resolution.
Links to Advisory Committees:
Auxiliary Services Board
Career Technical Education Act (CTEA)            
Council of Deans
Distance Education Advisory Committee           
Emergency Planning                       
Enrollment Management                                        
Insurance Benefits
Parking and Traffic Advisory Council               
Student Success Advisory Committee
Operational Committees
Operational committees function to assure that each department provides quality services to students, the community and college constituents.  Formation of operational committees is up to each manager based upon the needs of the department or division.
Last Published 10/3/17