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 The Opportunity Project

Student Support Expo was amazing!


First and foremost we want to thank all of you so much for participating in our first-ever TOP Student Support Expo!


When we first came up with this idea, our vision was for students to have access to El Camino’s support services all under one roof so they may walk away with tools to succeed.


You helped bring this vision come to life. Over 175 students participated and learned more about the programs and resource centers!


We look forward to expanding and improving this event in the future, and hope that even more programs can be a part of it again.


A theme in the feedback we got from students was how friendly and welcoming everyone was at the Expo. A huge kudos to all partcipants!


Thank you for making a positive difference in the lives of all partcipants and promoting their success at El Camino College.


The TOP Team! 

Last Published 9/27/17